Why,  hello there! It seems you have stumbled upon my “about” page. I bet you’re all eager to find out who I am! So here is my brief history of, uh, me, I guess.

I was born far away, in a distant land once called Yugoslavia (You-go-sla-vee-a). After twelve years, I was blown away to Arizona by a wind called Eir Franse. I began to set up my roots there, but after two years, I was dragged kicking and screaming (not really) to North Carolina.

Early on, I picked up origami as a hobby.  I absolutely devoured (figuratively speaking) any model I could get instructions for. Over the years, I acquired enough knowledge to open my own store (flagrant self promotion! link)

Chances are you are reading this. That probably means you’re interested enough to actually look through my blog. Go on. I don’t bite. Have a look around.

Published on May 26, 2009 at 10:34 pm  Comments (3)  

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  1. damn good poem, my son!

    pass greetinsgs to paya and mom.


  2. i absolutely love origami and your works are amazing!
    are they your designs or just models made by others’ instructions?

    if they are only models, i just wanted to ask if it is actually legal to sell them? i have been considering my own little store on etsy but need to be sure it’s all ok. most of my products would be variations and different arrangements of other designs i have been taught over the yrs.

    plz reply
    thanx soooooo much hun!
    ❤ xx

    • Thank you, Adeva! The origami I sell is a mix of the categories you said. Some are my own designs, others are traditional models (any model which is so old that no one is holding a copyright on it, like a crane or 4 petal iris), and some are designs made by others.

      There are many complexities involving the use of others’ models. You are not allowed to use them unless you have specific permission from the author, and it is often difficult to get in touch with him/her. I have permission to use all the models in my store that were developed by others, and except for the butterfly model, I have to pay a percentage of the profit to the author, and clearly state who is the author, of course. I still had to talk to the owner of the butterfly for permission.

      Good luck with your store, Adeva. Just make sure you have the designer’s permission when selling a model.

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