H.M.S. Family

Ahoy, matey, and welcome aboard the H.M.S. Family! I’ll be giving you a brief… briefing… of how this ship works.
First off, this ship needs work to maintain. Yes, we do have sails, but we also rely on rowing to power us through tougher storms, and the whole ship needs constant maintenance. Look here, that’s the captain’s cabin. The captain is the member of Family’s crew that does most of the work, navigating, steering the ship, organizing the rest of the crew, pitching in with the swabbing of the deck and rowing, and often the only one who’s got their wits with them, too. Next to it you see the first mate’s sleeping quarters. The first mate does less work than the captain but still puts a lot of effort into keeping this ship afloat. They are often the only ones the captain can rely on in a storm.
Now, if you’d be so kind to follow me down to the bilges…
Here you see the stowaways and work shirkers. These are crew members in name only: they don’t work, they don’t help, often they argue with the captain, and generally are useless. Still, you can’t just throw overboard a member of the Family, so we deal with them as best as we can.
And here are the general crew quarters. These fellows are the ones in between the first mate and the stowaways, but there’s no real set place where they stay. Sometimes they help and participate, other times they complain about rowing duty or cleaning. We make best with what we can.
Sometimes, when there’s a heavy storm or a reef ahead, the captain will try to run the entire ship by themselves, and usually fail, since a body just can’t keep up with that kind of work. They will implore the rest of the crew to help, and more often than not, you’ll hear quite a few complaints about who’s turn it is to row. Ironic, since during times like those, EVERYONE is needed.
So that was a brief tour. Now, I’m curious what kind of crew members you have in your ship. Who’s who in your Family, and can you recognize them?
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