My precious…

I have found an interesting parallel between Lord of the Rings and today’s cosmetic and plastic surgery mindset. The one Ring is a great object of power, but it also preserves and retainst the appearance of youth in those who obtain it. But this comes at a terrible cost, as extended contact thins and stretches the user, inducing disgust and addiction. Eventually the wearer simply fades away into less than a shadow.

Plastic surgery is obviously more available than the One Ring. It does signify power, it controls one’s appearance of age, extending life, beauty, glamour. Even better, it eventually reduces you to a withered husk for a body and personality.

Remember that Smeagol was once very Hobbit-like? That his Precious earned him hatred in his community, and eventual banishment? He was reduced to living in a cave, secluded, old, eating raw fish. That’s what fighting death brings. Misery and poor teeth.

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  1. What ever mistakes I make in life, I don’t care as long as I don’t have to eat raw fish.

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