Looking at preparation of a square from an A4 sheet of paper

In the beginning, all was smooth, blank, and generally boring. An infinite plane of perfection, as it were. For some reason, you feel it is rectangular. You don’t know what that means, but it is an irksome thought aching in your head, like that cramp in your foot no amount of massage will get rid of. In this flawless void, you would imagine feeling an immense feeling of boredom, to the point of reading the little annoying tab on the back of your shirt for entertainment. A single millisecond feels like a century. Yet, suppose you were in a dark room, utterly lightless. How would you know if you were blind, and that your “memories” aren’t lies you made up for yourself to stay sane? Would you even know that there is such a thing as light? In our two dimensional perpetuity, there is nothing but what you think you may have thought before.

But “then” (thus creating time, for as stated, eventless time means nothing), a small bump in the cellulose rich universe. The slightest suggestion of a change. Immediately it is hushed. Change is obviously an unknown, and thus dangerous to the established status quo, and why do you want change, aren’t you happy? But inevitably, the process repeats itself. And eventually a permanence is established. All of your reality collapses in half. But then it is returned as it were, only a wrinkle, a crease, if you will. The old order is restored. Stagnancy rules supreme…

(read the next part really loudly, quickly, and in one hysterical breath, okay? ready? are you sure? I’ll capitalize it for you)


You recover from your surprise, and soon enough, all is back to normal. At this point, all ideas of definite permanence are completely shaken to their roots. How can you trust the government if they aren’t even in charge anymore? Do you even remember the last time—- wait! Listen! Oh, no! Do you hear that sound? Reality is being torn apart in two! Run for your life!

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  1. lulwat. Realitiez fo’tha’ween. 🙂 This is Devonne. Shoot me an e-mail.

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